ICP Partners

We thank our partners for cooperation.


InBáze, o.s. is dedicated to integration activities within the community and social programs for migrants and Czech public, which are implemented at the community centre InBáze in Prague and Rakovice community centre in the South Bohemian Region.

Organizace pro pomoc uprchlíkům

The civic association Organizace pro pomoc uprchlíkům, o.s. (OPU) provides its clients with free legal and social counselling, it actively engages in pursuing the human rights of the foreigners and refugees as well as in influencing the asylum and migrant policy of both the Czech Republic and the EU.

Poradna pro integraci, o.s. (PPI) has been supporting the integration of foreigners into Czech society since its foundation in 1998. The foreigners are being provided with complex services and support including social and legal counselling, social activation services – educational, pedagogical and activation activities, etc.

Sdružení pro integraci a migraci

Sdružení pro integraci a migraci o.s. (SIMI) is a non-governmental organization protecting the human rights of the foreigners in the Czech Republic. SIMI provides free legal, social and psychosocial counselling regardless of the residence status of any foreigner living in the Czech Republic.