Integration Centre Prague, o.p.s., is a public service organization operating in the field of integration of migrants in Prague. 



Integration Centre Prague is a public service organization, whose foundation was approved by the Prague City Council Resolution no. 10/70 of the 4th November, 2011. Integration Centre Prague was formally established on the 14th March, 2012 and its founder is the Magistrate of the City of Prague.

The project of the Integration Centre Prague is being implemented from the 1st April, 2012, and is being financed with the support of the European Fund For the Integration of Third-country Nationals and the City of Prague´s budget.



- elimination of exploitation of disadvantaged position of foreigners in various aspects of life;

- creation of the concept of integration of foreigners in the region of the City of Prague;

- minimization of risk of creation of excluded immigrant communities;

- support of civic society development, reduction of tension between foreigners and Prague´s citizens;

- coordination and management of cooperation of stakeholders in the field of integration of foreigners;

- involvement of foreigners into integration and decision-making processes as well as into public life.


We started implementation of the project entitled „Integration Centre Prague“ (ICP) on the 1st April 2012. The project is analogous to ten regional Integration Centres that were being gradually established in regional capitals from 2009. Foundation of these intagration centres stems from Czech government directives laid out in the document entitled „Conception of the Integration of Foreigners“ defining main goals of Czech integration policy.

The project was successfully finished on the 31st March 2013 and since the 1st April we have been continuing with the project entitled „Integration Centre Prague II“. During the first year of our existence, we provided services to 2025 migrants in total.

The projects implemented by the Integration Centre Prague are supported by the European Fund For the Integration of Third-country Nationals (75 percent) and the City of Prague´s budget (25 percent).

Another non-governmental partnership organizations, operating in the field of  integration of foreigners on the long term basis and with excellent outcomes, participate in implementation of the ICP project – namely Poradna pro integraci, InBáze Berkat, Sdružení pro integraci a migraci and Organizace pro pomoc uprchlíkům.


The partnership organizations provide professional social and legal counselling, socio-cultural courses and work with entire families of migrants.

Partnership Prague city districts participate in the implementation of the project. These city districts, namely the district of Prague 4, 12, 13 and 14, provide office space for ICP branches and intensively cooperate in the process of integration of immigrants into Czech majority society.



- The clients of the Integration Centre Prague are the third-country nationals (i.e. from Non-European Union countries) resident legally in the Czech Republic under the regime of the Act on Foreigners´ stay and Residence no. 326/199 Col.

- The target group of the ICP does not include individuals who are citizens of European Union countries or citizens of third-party countries who, either: have applied for international protection, possess an undecided claim, have the status of refugee under international law or have the status of subsidiary protection. 



Social counselling

- provision of information on foreigners´ rights and obligations

- assistance in obtaining social services and social benefits

- assistance in finding a job and solving problems with employment

- accompaniment and interpreting with communication with authorities

- assistance in finding adequate accommodation and solving related problems

- assistance in arrangement of health insurance and health care

- assistance in recognition of foreign qualification

- assistance in solving executions and debts

Legal counselling

- assistance in obtaining residence permits (long-term and short-term visa, long-term residence permit, permanent residence permit, biometric cards etc.)

- information on the legal system of the Czech Republic

- protection of human rights, legal help in the matter of both direct and indirect discrimination

- assistance in the process of granting Czech citizenship

- control and assistance with agreements (employment contract, lease agreement, subtenancy lease agreement)

Work with entire families

- long-term help for families with children, leisure-time activities, psychological counselling

Czech language courses

- courses for adults - 100 hours, various levels, training for Czech language exam (level A1 CEFR)

courses for children taught in an entertaining way – 50 hours

Socio-cultural courses

- expert lessons on interesting topics related to stay in the Czech Republic

- excursions around Prague where you will acquaint yourself with Prague´s sights, history and Czech traditions

Community and Information Centre ICP, Žitná 1574/51, Praha 1

- multilingual and multicultural library

- free PC and internet access

- relax room and TV

- rooms we happily lend you for free

Culture and community activities

- regular organization of cultural and community events – concerts, openings, exhibitions, sport tournaments



- assistance and methodology support for authorities in dealing with immigrants

- use of ICP´s interpreters in communication with immigrants

- opportunity to participate in training of professionals in the field of migration, integration of foreigners, intercultural competences etc.

- opportunity to become member of Regional Advisory Platform to share experiences and good practice

- presentation of ICP´s services in institutions, organizations, schools and departments

- help to create a friendly coexistence of immigrant communities and majority society representatives

- participation at ICP´s cultural and community events


ICP as a coordinator of integration activities in the City of Prague

One of ICP´s crucial tasks is to create the Concept of the City of Prague for the Integration of Foreigners (thereinafter KPIC). Three work groups have been establishes to participate in the process of the KPIC creation:

Migrant Forum

Regional Advisory Platform

Expert Group

We invited professionals, experts, important stakeholders in the field of integration of the third-country nationals in the City of Prague as well as migrants and immigrant communities representatives to become members of the work groups.

Work groups have gradually identified main problematic fields and subsequently, in mutual cooperation, prepared the Proposal of Priorities for the Integration of Foreigners in 2014-2016. This newly created document had been submited for Prague City Council approval in the April 2013 and was subsequently approved.

We will be actively working on the formulation of final text of the „Prague´s concept“ untill the end of 2013.  


The aim of this activity is to encourage foreigners to participate in decission-making process, get them involved into public life and provide them with opportunity to give their opinion on matters concerning them and influencing their lives.



Social and legal counselling is being provided at ICP branches on regular basis. Branch staff also regularly organizes cultural and community activities with aim to bring immigrants closer to the majority society and support mutual friendly coexistence.


The first ICP branch was opened for its clients on the 1st June 2012 in Prague 14 on the address Bratří Venclíků 1072/6, 198 00 Praha 9 - Černý Most. 

The second branch was opened on the 13th July 2012 in Prague 12 on the address Sofijské náměstí 3400, on the 2nd floor of the Prior shopping centre.

The third ICP branch used to be located in Prague 13, Oistrach street, 155 00, Praha 13 – Stodůlky. However we left the venue in the January 2013 and  new office was opened on the address Zázvorkova 2007/06, 155 00, Praha 13 - Lužiny in the April 2013.

The latest branch was opened on the 15th October 2012 in Prague 4, located on the address Hvězdova 1594/19, 140 00, Praha 4 - Nusle.     



Operation of the ICP´s Community and Information Centre (KaIC) was started on the 1st July 2012 in the centre of Prague 1, Žitná street 1574/51. Free internet access, multilingual library as well as free rooms for clients´own activities are at disposal in the information centre. Beside this, Czech language courses and socio-cultural courses are being held here.

You can also find here a playroom providing a safe place for both younger and older children.